Aceitera Peninsular Española

Tradition and experience in Olive Oil

Aceitera Peninsular Española

Tradition and experience in Olive Oil

Aceitera Peninsular Española

Aceitera Peninsular Española S.L (APE) is a company with a tradition of 5 generations in the world of Olive Oil. We are situated in Priego de Cordoba, in the epicentre of the best olive oil- producing zone in Spain.
Our experience and our service history with our clients, as also the contact with the biggest international companies and operatores, allows us to have a real and tangible knowlegde of the olive oil market.
This permits us to give a complete service, based on quality , agility and measured product to our clients.
It is situated in Priego de Cordoba, which has its own DPO, with more than 14 oil mills.
Between DPO, Extra Virgen, Virgen and Olive oil, this zone offers us a production of more than 140.000 Tm.

From the second fortnight of October until the last days of December or January, depending on the variety and the maturation of the fruit.

Only with physical and mechanical procedures, that offer us:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Virgin Olive Oil
Refined Olive Oil

It is conserved in stainless-steel deposits, at a controled temperatured, which guarantees the optimal conservation of the olive’s juice.


Our Valors

It is guaranteed by our own laboratory, with highly skilled professionals, and knowlegde of the specific market that each client operates.


Thanks to the knowlegde and the history of the business men, we can make tailore-made operations, right away, for each one of our clients.


The guarantee ACEITERA PENINSULAR, Our financial stability gives us the ability to offer a highly competitive service and absolute confidence to our clients.



+34 957 54 72 94
S/ Rihuelo, S/N. 14800, Priego de Córdoba (CÓRDOBA)